Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Teacher's Spring Break

The real glitz and glamor of spring break pretty much ends with the college years. For most of the working world, "spring break" is but a memory. For teachers, it is a much-needed milestone that enables us to take a few deep breaths and recharge for the last nine weeks of the school year.

I wish I could say that I missed my students dreadfully and thought about them constantly throughout the week. I think that's what a really amazing teacher would say. However, I know my kiddos. I know they are well-cared for and probably having a blast during their break. So I've cleared my mind of school-related agendas, and I've taken the opportunity to so all the things I never have time to do during a normal week.

Here are just a couple of my at-home projects this week. I have had way too much fun! (Such a nerd, I know.)

I have always loved the fabric letters at Anthropologie. Check them out here: Anthropologie Pinwale Alphabet. I admit that mine are not as impressive as the originals, but I thought they turned out pretty well for a do-it-yourself craft.

Another little project was a new wreath for our front door. I'm very excited about spring and summer, and I can't wait to decorate our front porch. I just couldn't resist beginning with this little detail. Not only that, but I had so much fun making this! (Again, nerd, I know.)