Tuesday, March 19, 2013

An "Egg-cellent" Idea

I know, I know: that is quite a cheesy title there. I just couldn't resist... ;)

I stumbled upon this idea in the April/May edition of The Mailbox, and I instantly flagged it as an idea to use for a math station that focuses on missing addends. It's extremely easy to create, and it's a great seasonal activity to use up until Easter.

What you'll need... 
egg carton, plastic eggs, permanent marker.

What you'll do... 
Write a different addition problem on each of the 12 eggs. Then, write the answers in separate cups of the empty egg carton.

And, voila! You are finished! To use this station, students will put each egg in the correct cup of the carton. Then, students will write the full corresponding equation, with the missing addends included in their number sentences.