Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Trailers

So lately, I have become pretty obsessed with book trailers. Have book trailers been a common "thing" for a while now? Am I really that behind on the "cool stuff?" Regardless of their origin/popularity, I am just now beginning to follow and appreciate these book previews.

If you haven't experienced book trailers yet, this one will definitely jump-start your obsession:

Twitter is a GREAT source for accessing new book trailers, particularly if you follow HarperChildrens and Random House Kids .  Both of these consistently provide book trailers to preview their upcoming releases. I may just be a nerd, but I think these video snippets are phenomenal.

I think it would be awesome to incorporate book trailers, like these, into my classroom instruction. I think it would be easier to do in an upper elementary classroom since many of the trailers I see (or maybe just my favorite ones) would be more appropriate for older readers. Regardless, these would be great tools for reading motivation.