Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recommended Reading

I just received the most recent Publisher's Weekly newsletter, and it features a preview for a book that I'm a little excited about. To be released April 23, House of Secrets appears to be a story worth considering. I realize that I'm a complete nerd, but I do enjoy middle-grade literature (I recently learned that this genre is beginning to pull away from the "young adult" label; did you know that?). Most of you readers, if you are honest, enjoy reading these "kid books" as well... But I won't begin that debate now.   ;)

If interested, you can read a free excerpt from House of Secrets online. Simply "like" their Facebook page, and a lengthy excerpt of the first thirteen chapters will be available to you for free. I just skimmed the first couple of chapters, and I think it's worth a deeper read. My initial impression is that the text revolves around a trio of comrades and an element of suspense similar to that of Harry Potter. The settings and background, however, make me think more along the lines of Bridge to Terabithia. Again, I could be completely mistaken -this is just a first glimpse, and I will definitely need to read more. Check it out yourself if any of that interests you!