Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Seussville Stations (Part 2)

Station 2: Create a Tongue Twister!

Our third station involved books, post-it notes, markers, and a huge circle map. I let the students get comfy in our reading corner with all the materials, and they went to work! Their goal was to create their own tongue twister in this station. However, they began by searching for their favorite tongue twister in Fox in Socks. Once they found a tongue twister they particularly loved, they wrote it on a post-it note and added it to the circle map. Then, they began creating their own tongue twisters. I provided word-family booklets for them to use if they got stumped on a word or sound. The booklets were great reference tools for some students, but for the most part, they were eager to create their tongue twisters on their own. I think they are feeling very inspired by Dr. Seuss this week! :)

At the end of this station, each student read his/her tongue twister aloud to the whole class. We all practiced repeating the phrases, which was a lot of fun and even a little challenging at times.