Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poetry Pointers

I absolutely love national poetry month, and I really wish I had planned more poetry-centered activities to use this month. (Fingers crossed for next year!) However, I have tried to be diligent in reading a lot of poetry with the students and providing multiple poetry sources for them to read independently. We use our pointers to physically target specific examples of rhyme and alliteration. So far, my students have just loved selections written by Shel Silverstein. (Also one of my personal favorites. Obviously.)

I am excited about an upcoming Earth Day art project that will also include poetry (visit me here next week for details on that). In the meantime, we are working our way through A Light in the Attic this week. 

What are your favorite poetry activities/projects? I would love some suggestions that I could file away for next April, if nothing else. :)