Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Words in Bloom

It's possible that we're having a little too much fun with spring in our classroom, but I couldn't resist this activity, and it has added a beautiful detail to our wall outside our classroom. Once again, I have to credit The Mailbox for the idea. I have used so many activities from it this year. While it was featured as a center sorting exercise in The Mailbox, I decided to use it as an individual craft for my students. The preparation for this activity is really easy, and it's relatively simple for the students as well. I provided the materials as well as this model for them to view while they worked, and they were ready to go!

You can create this activity using any pair of vowel digraphs or diphthongs. You simply write each one on a separate flower blossom (we used die-cut flowers) and then attach the stem (green yarn) beneath the blossom. I provided the leaves, but the students chose their own words to write on their leaves.

These are a few finished products...

We attached these to the wall beneath our "Life Cycles" display. It looks like we are literally growing words right along with our butterflies and frogs! :)