Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Few Things on a Thursday

  • I have managed to squeeze in treadmill time each day this week. This has led me to two personal revelations: 
    • (a) The Ellen Show is a new favorite. I have always loved it, but this week, I have become rather committed. Ellen's generosity is inspiring, and besides that, the show is simply hilarious. (First grade teachers who understand shades of meaning will immediately recognize that the use of this adjective means the show is beyond just funny.) Sophia Grace and Rosie were featured during an episode earlier this week. Watch this clip to enjoy a laugh. 

    During the commercials, I switch to Dr. Oz. All in all, this has probably been one of the most beneficial 30-minute time periods of my days this week. Exercise + laughter + learning + inspiration = a good time. 

    • (b) Running, or exercise of any kind, is such a healthy habit to maintain. You know what isn't a healthy habit? Drinking carbonated beverages, like Diet Coke. I have been drinking too much Diet Coke lately. Once upon a time not so long ago, I hardly ever drank carbonated beverages. In my mind, I had maintained that status, but today I came to realize how unhealthy my habits have been lately. So this summer, in with green smoothies and (back) out with Diet Coke. I've posted it here: I have to stick to it. 
  • Yesterday, the few students I did have at school helped me clean out my filing cabinets. At some point, they stopped helping me clean and began "playing school" with the discarded items. I was so proud when I heard one of them say, "Ok. I want to be Mrs. Tally." Then, the little sweetheart quickly followed that statement with, "If you hear me scream, Jacob, come running so you can kill the spider, okay?" Should I be embarrassed that my first-graders are braver than me in the presence of a spider? Hold your judgement, please. 
  • Tomorrow is my last working Friday until August, which means it's the last Friday I will truly appreciate until August. I'm okay with that; my appreciation for a day is spread evenly throughout the weekdays during the summer.
Happy Thursday! :)