Saturday, May 4, 2013

A few things on a... What day is this?

"In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind every since..."  ~The Great Gatsby, first sentence

I usually post a few random notes on a Thursday, because by that point in the week a few random notes are the best I can seem to compose. This week, however, has been far too topsy-turvy to manage even that much. For me, Thursday was my last workday of the week. Therefore, Thursday felt more like a Friday, and not being at school on Friday just felt altogether wrong. (I can only imagine how I will manage Monday once it finally arrives.) I am in Atlanta this weekend for a wedding. Correction: I am near Atlanta. The specific town has varied, depending upon the particular festivity. Then, there's the little detail of the time change. My phone updates automatically; my computer does not. I just figured this out. Time is apparently relative at this point, depending on which device I am holding. This can be problematic when adhering to a schedule of wedding events... 

I am explaining all of this to basically justify the fact that, there have been moments in which I have been completely unaware of the day, time, or place in which I find myself. Obviously, I need to travel more. 

To add to the madness, I packed clothes appropriate for May. The weather more closely resembles March. Again, that's just wrong. 

I know this sounds whiny, but I really am laughing over every detail. From the moment I woke up Monday morning, this has proved to be a very roll-with-it kind of week. In the end, I have managed to do one thing right: before rushing out of the house for our drive Thursday night, I snagged my old, tattered copy of The Great Gatsby for a bit of on-the-road rereading. I will be ready for the movie release next weekend.