Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Author's Share Update

If you haven't visited our Author's Share tab recently, please take a moment to do so now. We have two new additions to the page: The Lost Butterfly and The Five Small Rats. Unfortunately, a blog post fails to truly convey the quality of these pieces. They were not just stories written on paper (although I am never disappointed to see one of those!); these students took time to create the books. I just had to include images of some of my own favorite illustrations to coincide with the story. You can see previews below, but the full stores are featured on the Author's Share. I might also add that these weren't even school assignments; these projects were created entirely at home, just for fun. It is quite possible that I have some future authors in my classroom! :)

I get so excited when children bring things like this into the classroom, not only because they have invested their time and creativity into projects like this, but also because they are so very eager to share their creations. I hope they always bring that enthusiasm into their classrooms as they grow older. It adds a pleasant grace to the teaching profession.