Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Boxes for the Attic

So the first sign of summer is that I no longer really keep track of the days of the week. The fact that yesterday (Monday) was a holiday makes it even stranger to think that today is Tuesday. But it is, or so the calendar tells me.

A couple of interesting things happened over the weekend. First of all, I went to visit my parents and found that my old bedroom has now been converted into a handy home-office. Apparently, it is official that I am no longer expected to return home, ever. Should I need to stay for an overnight visit at any point, I will have the lovely option of sleeping either (a) on the couch or (b) on a desk. I am more than welcome on either one of those, of course.

I only pretend to have my feelings hurt; they really should have done this a long time ago. ;)

In addition to the transition, the belongings I did still have at home were conveniently packed up and ready to be loaded into the car to return home with me. There's now a rather large cluster of boxes, full of pictures, yearbooks, and other keepsakes, taking up space in my living room. My parents couldn't be happier, I'm sure. As for me, I have been trying to sift through it all and condense my life into a slightly more manageable cluster. A cluster that can be moved into a corner of the attic.

The interesting part is that actually sorting through old keepsakes is like watching your life all over again. It's funny how certain snippets don't really look like I remember them. Then, there are other snippets I don't remember at all. I know that moment happened -I have the picture to prove it- yet I don't actually remember being in that moment, that place, with those people. It makes me wonder...

How much of life do we just... forget?

In all this, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to preserve so much of my life, even if it is packed away neatly in a box (or several boxes) in a corner of the attic. It's still there, stored as a tangible reminder of everywhere I've been, every person I've loved, and every memory I've made. I think we lose so much of life as it moves along, mainly because we get so caught up in keeping up with the million to-dos and must-haves of life right now. If we're not careful, those little details that may not seem super important now, will be forgotten without a chance to mean something later on.

So I am spending a few days this week digging through boxes of old "stuff" before it's all moved to its resting place in the attic. It might sound a bit nostalgic, but I have learned a lot from the faces and friends that will be forever treasured there.

P.S. Apparently I kept most of the negatives along with photographs; what do you do with those in these digital days??? A little humor for thought...

Happy Monday Tuesday!