Friday, May 24, 2013

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday, and with it comes the official beginning of summer. Teachers everywhere are letting their hair down, kicking their shoes off, and taking their first deep breaths since early August. I'm right there with them! For the rest of the world, summer vacations are a distant memory of student-life-gone-by. I understand that teachers are slightly annoying when it comes to summers off, and I would probably hate us too if I didn't have a summer vacation. Still, I think it's fair to allow us this one little perk of the teaching profession. I'm pretty sure I couldn't hold up through August if we didn't have it.

I ran across this collection of images, and I thought it seemed appropriate to share here. In all honesty, I almost couldn't post it, because it contains such an annoying typo. However, I'm subduing the grammar police and trying to look past it. I'll admit that the final outcome contradicts my previous post about summer goals just a bit, but don't be fooled: I will take time to rest this summer too. That is a much-needed component of summer.
What People Think I Do 
To all you teachers out there: Happy Summer! To everyone else: Happy Weekend! Regardless, be happy today. :)