Friday, May 10, 2013

Preparing for Mother's Day (with a freebie!)

Warning: If you are a mother of one of my students, please wait until after Mother's Day to read this post! I don't want to spoil their surprises for you! ;)

This has been a delightful Friday, in spite of the gloomy weather. We have had so much fun preparing for Mother's Day. The students have been looking forward to making things for their mothers all week long. I even had a couple out sick today, and when their parents contacted me, both of them said their child was worries about missing "Mother's Day stuff" at school today. We really do have some sweeties in our class.

We worked on two special gifts for our mothers today! The first activity was this adorable Mother's Day coupon booklet, complete with personalized coupons that could be redeemed by mom anytime. Some of the coupon ideas my students created for their mothers were: make the beds; hugs and kisses; a massage; pick a flower; and a handmade gift.  
The students designed the woman shape to look like their own mothers and then attached the coupons as a booklet in the center. The final products were so precious!

I found this activity through The Mailbox, and the printable is completely free! You can access it here.

The next activity was this butterfly-themed card. The students created a three-flap foldable and placed their hand-written poems inside the flaps. Then, on the outside of the flaps, they attached the body and wings to create a butterfly. Naturally, we added personalized decorations to make the wings look authentic. ;)

I honestly cannot remember where I came across the idea for this activity. I'm sure I didn't invent it myself, and I wish I could remember the original source to credit. My mind is blank, so maybe I'll have to come back to this one later. It is definitely Friday.

Happy Mother's Day weekend!