Monday, May 6, 2013

Thank God for grace, gratitude, and fruit.

I began this morning with so much optimism because only two Mondays remain until summer. I don't even need to count the other days; the Monday's are the ones I like the least, so I just let those dwindle down; the rest will follow soon enough. Something about the last few weeks of school makes it somehow okay to temporarily wish your life away... This Monday, however, packed a more-potent-than-normal punch. It was a Monday after a weekend of traveling after a Friday absent from the classroom. That alone would have been enough, but then there were those little stressors throughout the day that are just typical of any of the last few days of the school year. It's a double-edged sword: we are so ready for a summer break, but so much still remains to pull from so very little time. Teachers understand this. You know this type of day well.

Still, the stress and the rat-race feeling are not the point of this post. The point is that after all of it, when I felt tired and run-down and ill-prepared for a Tuesday, God reminded me that all of these are just details in a day. While focusing on those details, I failed to notice the sweet ones He provided as well.

Last year, I read a book titled One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. It is a profound text that I recommend reading to every woman I know. Today, as I stood over the sink washing the fresh stock of fruits and vegetables I bought at the grocery store on the way home (one of the after-school errands I was less than enthusiastic about handling after one of those days) I was struck by the unusually bright colors before me. I know this sounds incredibly foolish, but those strawberries were just a particularly pretty red today. Then I noticed a fresh handful of daisy wildflowers, which my husband picked and placed in a vase on the sink for me this afternoon. In all of the simple beauty of those little things, I was reminded of the lessons I learned from that book a year ago. Voskamp writes about the countless gifts with which God graces our lives daily; so many of those just go unnoticed because we are too self-absorbed, or stressed, or hurried, or tired to take notice of them. However, if we can somehow focus our eyesight on those little gifts, it gives us sure reason to "make every moment a cathedral giving glory" to the Creator who gave us those moments in the first place.

It's a humbling moment when you realize that sometimes God has to use fruit to speak to you.

I wanted to share this, because today I really needed that reminder to stop and actually take in those moments in which I feel so frantic. Those moments are touched by grace, should we be so fortunate as to notice it.

"As long as there is a God in heaven, there is grace on Earth..." ~A. Voskamp