Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The kids are gone... now what?

Today was the last "official" day of school, which basically means that the students are finished while the teachers still have a couple of days of cleaning, packing, and other wrap-up work ahead. After all of that, summer will begin for us too. I wish I had a dime for every time in the past couple of weeks that someone has asked me, "So. What are you going to do this summer?" I usually act as if I'm not totally certain and respond with a casual "Oh, this-and-that" response. The truth is, if I launched into a full, detailed description of everything I hope to do this summer, each listener would probably think I'm some over-achieving, high-maintenance lunatic that can't just take a little time to relax. Since you, reader, can simply close the page if it becomes too much, I can share all the gruesome details here.
  • First of all, there are a few little house projects I would like to tackle. For example, there is one wall in our living room that I am quite certain needs stripes. It just has to happen. I'm thinking chunky vertical stripes of varying sizes with a few thin, sparingly-allotted pinstripes will create a nice accent wall.  I have found a few images that are somewhat similar to what I have in mind, but I'm pretty sure our end result will be just a bit different than these. 
Apartment Therapy

OHMY! Creative


Nursery Notations
I do not plan to use any these colors, but you get the idea: I want stripes on a wall.
  • We are currently preparing to landscape our yard. By "we" I mean "we" are paying someone else to do the work. Nonetheless, I sure will appreciate their effort when I can sit on my front porch and admire those pretty new rosebushes.  
  • Travel is definitely on the agenda. The specific details of our first big "family" vacation have yet to be decided, and I'm pretty eager to narrow down those details. However, a few other small trips include visits to Nashville, Atlanta, and possibly the coast. 
  • Exercise! I am so ready to have a consistent running/exercise regimen again. Summers seem to be the best time to enjoy a little consistency. Once school starts back again, I always feel like my exercise routine fluctuates, depending upon the demands throughout the school year. 
  • I want to perfect a green smoothie recipe. Also, in a recent episode of Dr. Oz, he described cooking with various no-carb flour substitutes, including almond flour, coconut flour, and flaxseed flour. I would really like to tackle a few new recipes and make these items staple ingredients in our kitchen. 
  • I plan to spend a great deal of time writing, and I will certainly share some of those efforts here with you along the way. Believe it or not, this might be the part of my summer about which I am most excited...
  • Unless you consider the reading list that I have been unable to tackle for a while now. I am so ready to dive into some long-awaited books, so this will consume a greater portion of my "free time." (I know, I'm a nerd. Whatever.)
  • Of course, I cannot completely abandon the "teacher tasks" throughout the summer. There is much organizing to be done in preparation for the next school year. I would also like to create some additional TPT products, so look for those to pop up from time to time as well. 
That's my summer to-do list at this point. We'll see how many of these tasks are fully accomplished by the end of July! 

What do you have planned for summer?