Tuesday, June 25, 2013

DIY: Business Cards!

So I have been debating on business cards for a while now. I originally designed a card that I loved through Minted. However, I have this slight obsession with wanting things to coordinate. In my mind, I wanted The Tally Tales blog to correlate with my business card design. Does that sound crazy? Whatever. I like things that match.

While my design through Minted was really, really cute, I decided to try to create something on my own. Something that was original and a good fit with my blog style. Is it possible that I'm a little too consumed with this blog?? Even more importantly, these are way cheaper. That is always a plus, right?!?

So I started with one of the business card templates available through Pages. However, I didn't actually use the template; I erased the original design and just used the blank template for the margin layouts. That was much simpler than having to set the margins myself. Then I began creating a card that would be similar to the Tally Tales blog button.

After many small corrections and much debating over font styles, this is what my final draft looked like:

No, that is not my real phone number. Stalkers, don't get too excited. ;)

Then, I went on a hunt for cardstock that would make a nice print paper for the cards. I wanted something that was durable for printing, but I also wanted a little accent on the back of my cards.  This search led me directly to Hobby Lobby. Of course.

I found this cardmaking pad that contains paper with various styles of colorful designs on one side. The back of each page is white, which is perfect for printing.
I selected my favorite designs from the selections. I decided to mix it up a bit, with a variety of polka dots and chevron patterns. I thought blue, yellow, and gray patterns would look best with my business card designs. 
Now, this would have worked perfectly, had it not been for a nasty little ridge that runs right through the center of each page. This paper is intended for card making, so there is a lovely, easy-to-fold line through the center. That's great if you are making greeting cards; not so much for printing business cards. I am not a skilled printer-operator; I always get confused with the direction for turning the paper and all the printer settings. So printing around this ridge was extremely frustrating for me. After struggling along for a bit, I finally got the alignments adjusted just right.

So, here are my brand new, made-by-me business cards!
I'm pretty proud of them, and I can't wait to give them to parents at open house this year! My next challenge will be deciding on the perfect way to display these in my classroom. I want something fun and original. For some reason, I have the idea of a tree in my head... I've already been googling and interest-searching ideas, but I can't seem to find anything that is exactly like my mental image.

I guess that means I'm in for a little more do-it-myselfing. :) If you have any creative suggestions for me, feel free to send them my way!