Friday, June 28, 2013

Five for Friday (For the First Time!) 06-28-13

Before indulging in Five for Friday, I wanted to also share that The Tally Tales is now linked up to Bloglovin'! Check out the new Bloglovin' follow option in the left sidebar! :)
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Now, moving on... I am pretty excited to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and share my Five For Friday today!

(1) We are officially finished with landscaping in our front yard! I am so pleased with the outcome. 

 The little wreath I made is holding up nicely! I am so pleased!

I look forward to watching everything continue to grow and bloom. :)

(2)  Our dog, Braxton, has an extreme aversion to cameras. He took his typically-stubborn behavior to an all new level during a recent visit from my friend, Leslie. (I know: 2 Leslie's in 1 friendship is just too much goodness, right?!?)

Before each of these pictures was taken, Braxton was looking directly at me. The minute I tried to snap a picture, his focus went elsewhere. He's really an incredible dodger. I finally gave up and took what I could get.

(3) We finally finished a couple of projects on the to-do list this week. We mounted a new shelf in our bathroom. We needed something to hold the cable box for our TV. I know, I know; a TV in the bathroom isn't totally a necessity, but it was Russ's birthday present. I have to admit that I'm loving it just as much as he is, though. I think it takes me even longer to get ready now, though. Anyway, the shelf wasn't too difficult to tackle. The towel rod, however, was another matter entirely. The concept of "concealed mounting" was completely foreign to us. Luckily, Russ is far more competent at tasks like this than I am. He figured it out, and we now have a new shelf as well as towel rack on the wall. I am still planning to distress the edges of the shelf, and I'm thinking a frame or basket of some kind will go nicely on display there eventually. 
Russ, hard at work.
Russ, hard at work. 

Braxie and me, watching Russ work.

Almost finished!
(4) This sweet little camera has served me faithfully for the past 5 or 6 years. However, for the past 6 months, I have been missing the corresponding cable, which I need to transfer pictures onto my computer. As you can tell from the picture, it isn't a typical USB cable. I have turned the house upside down in search of this cable at least three times this month. No. Luck. I was almost ready to break down and try to find another one on Ebay when Russ, randomly stumbled upon the cable last night! It was in the remote basket. Of all places. That might have been my happiest moment of the week.

Not to make anyone gag, but, seriously, what would I do without my husband?

(5) Last, but not least, I made my first visit to my classroom this week! They have finally finished cleaning and waxing the floors, and while the furniture hasn't been completely returned to all rooms, I was lucky enough to have most of mine returned. I can't say that I necessarily got a lot accomplished today, but I did get the desk turned right-side up! It will look much different from this by the end of July! :)

Yes, that is my desk. Standing on its side. Ha!