Monday, June 3, 2013

On the Road...

It doesn't take much to convince me to travel. Anywhere. Everywhere. My husband has several work trips booked for the summer, and it's highly possible that I will accompany him for all of them. Bless his heart; there's really no escaping me!

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Before you grow even remotely jealous, I should add that his business trips are not of the travel-first-class-to-Hawaii nature. Most often, the trip will entail travel (by car - no airfare here) to a small town somewhere in the south. We'll stay in a Holiday Inn, partake in complimentary breakfasts (what will I do without my green smoothies this week?!?), and he will still work every day, while I make full use of a small town as only we Southern girls really know how to do appropriately. Naturally, I've already scouted out the best antique stores and downtown boutiques within a 20-mile radius.

I'm particularly thrilled about this week's trip because we are currently visiting a town in middle Tennessee. If there's any southern state I love more than Mississippi, it's Tennessee. Honestly, I probably like Tennessee more, most of the time. I have to love Mississippi, because it's home, but I don't always like her. Don't judge me; you southerners know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, back to Tennessee. I'm here, and I'm very hopeful for a week filled with visiting old friends, window-shopping, people-watching in small-town cafes, writing, reading, lounging, and just enjoying the trip. I do hate that Russ has to work during the day, but I've promised him that I will try very hard not to be bored during the day... ;)

I hope Monday has treated you nicely as well. Enjoy the day, where ever you choose to spend it. :) 
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