Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Read and Roll! Reading Response Question Cubes

If you checked out my recent freebie for "Close Reading Materials" you noticed the question cube template included in that packet. I don't know about you, but I love question cubes! These neat little activities allow students to literally toss their questions around among a group or with a partner. For more independent readers, this can be an independent exercise. I have more advanced question cubes that I use for modeling during small group instruction as well. You just can't go wrong with them.

Based on my obsession enjoyment of these little cubes, I have created a new packet that includes question cube templates for reading response at various points of reading. The packet contains two reading response cubes to be used at each point: before, during, and after reading.

To use them, you simply print the templates onto cardstock (or other type of sturdy paper), fold along the external tabs, and secure with glue or tape. That's it! Hand them off to kids, and watch them toss, read, and answer questions about the text they are reading. 
 With younger students, you may choose to spend time modeling appropriate use of the cubes and developing their familiarity with the questions (some of the questions included are a bit more advanced). Even in a group setting, students get excited about these; there's a sense of anticipation in waiting to see where the cube will land. Without even realizing it, students develop a more natural feel for discussion questions in response to the texts they are reading. 
 If you think you or your students could use these, check them out in the Tally Tales TPT store.