Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Few things on a Thursday

** I am constantly amazed by the generosity of others. However, I must say you can certainly tell when a teacher hosts a blog giveaway because the best ones take time to make it so stinkin' fun. 

If you haven't done so already, you need to check out The 3AM Teacher for the Who's That Blogger Linky. Massive potential for rewards, but even more potential for linky fun. It's open through midnight tomorrow, so make sure you join in before the giveaway closes!

** If you are looking for a brief but inspirational read to hep jump-start you school year, please take a minute to visit the following link for Kylene Beers's explanation of why she hated her daughter's first-grade teacher. Okay, before you get too offended, you should know that she didn't really hate her. (I don't think she did, anyway.) This article just captures a mother's struggle with releasing her young child into the big, chaotic, there-is-a-method-to-my-madness world of a first grade classroom. Considering the fact that the mother was also an educator herself, I think this is a powerfully inspirational read for all you teachers out there who are trudging through the back-to-school grind.
So kick your feet up for a minute, (I know that's all you have to spare!) and check it out here.

For those who want a sneak peak, here you go...

Though I had been a teacher for years before having Meredith, before sending her off to first grade, I had never truly understood the power of a teacher in a child’s life. We give our most precious and priceless to you – dear teachers – each year, knowing you will teach them, but also hoping you will care for them, help them discover how very much they matter, watching over them, and being there when they have been hurt by the ones who won’t let them sit at the “popular” table – and then you do just that and they fall in love with you. It shows up in different ways, as they grow older. But it’s still there, this deep affection and respect.

**Last, but not least, if you are a mailbox fan, make sure you check out their amazing sale on theme kits. It is a today only bargain: buy one, GET FOUR FREE! Huge savings. Earlier this summer, I took advantage of a deal similar to this, and I was not disappointed. You can read about my experience and organization of the materials here: The Organization Continues. If you are interested, you can visit The Mailbox Education Center and start shopping!

Happy Thursday everyone! :)