Tuesday, August 27, 2013

DIY: Refinished Dresser/Entertainment Center

A few of you may have read my recent Step-by-Step Pallet Tray Tutorial. If so, you may recall two of the products I used for that project, the Sedona Red Chalk paint and the Lustra Finishing Wax.

I decided to put those materials to use for this project as well. I apologize that I don't have a "before" picture. I got a little excited and completely forgot my camera for this one, so you'll have to use your imagination a bit. 

For this project, we started with a basic, old dresser. The picture below shows the dresser after we applied the first coat of chalk paint. This is the basic frame, with all drawers removed. 

We applied a second, think coat of chalk paint and then used a damp cloth to sparingly streak various portions of the paint throughout. Then, we applied the wax overall in a streaky design to give it that distressed finish. (If you want a bit more detail about using this type of technique, you can visit my previous Pallet Tray Tutorial.) The following images show various angles after we applied the wax finish.

If you look closely at the middle section, you will notice that we removed the center frame pieces that served as bases for the original drawers. We decided not to use the middle drawers in the finished product. We needed that space open for the cable box, dvd player, etc. Russ drilled holes in the back for cables and wires from the appliances.

This is really the only before-and-after option I have for you. This is one of the original drawers from the center, which we decided not use. You can see the original finish on the furniture compared with the new look after the chalk paint and wax. That's a pretty drastic change, right?
I removed the original drawer handles and purchased new ones at Hobby Lobby. The drawers originally had long, slender pulls. I chose individual knobs to mount. two-per-drawer instead. I also added a basket in the bottom to complete the look. This is the finished product, as it now looks in our living room. All in all, the whole project took about four hours, start-to-finish. I'm now obsessed with it.
 A couple of close-up images...

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