Monday, August 26, 2013

Math Tubs: Clip-and-Add!

I cannot take credit for this idea, but I do think it's a fabulous activity to share with you here. One of my fellow first-grade-teachers shared this with our team as a math tub activity for this week, and my students have really love it. They have a blast with those clips, and I'm a fan of any activity that takes very little time to prepare, explain, implement, and clean up. What teacher wouldn't like that?!?

To prepare this activity, you simply write numbers on clothespins, one number per pin. I prepared my tubs to include all numbers 1-10, so students who were ready to add those larger numbers would be able to do so. With each set of clothespins, you include a popsicle stick that contains only a + and =, with space in between each to attach the clothes pins. The students draw two clothes pins and attach them in the appropriate spots for addends on the stick. Then, they write their number sentence on paper and solve! When they are finished, they remove the clothespins and draw again for new digits.

How simple is that? I was a little concerned that my students might get bored with it, it has actually been one of their favorite math tubs this week. I was also afraid I might have clothespins "accidentally" snapping up into the air, but we talked about the appropriate way to use them beforehand; so far, there have been no flying clothespins in our classroom. Fingers crossed that the positive trend continues. ;)