Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome Back: First Day of First Grade (again)

I have a love/hate relationship with the beginning of a new school year. It really is exciting to meet those new faces, and I love getting to know my new students. At the same time, the first day several days of school are nothing short of exhausting, and it's so nice to finally get settled into a smooth routine once the "new" wears off (somewhere around September?).

Today is our first day of school. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers, please; I am fairly certain that no matter how many "first days of school" you experience, there's always an inevitable, fresh sense of anticipation and anxiety on Day 1. I will try to provide a recap of our first day as soon as possible!

Oh, and in honor of the season, here's a little video for your viewing, possibly-reminiscing pleasure. There's no shame in singing along. (Yeah, I grew up watching a lot of Nick at Nite... again, no shame.)