Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Few Things on a Thursday: Fall Inspiration!

Happy almost-Friday! 
  • Yesterday was a completely cloudy day. All day. It looked like fall, and while it wasn't exactly cool outside, I wasn't sweating at the end of recess. You fellow southerners realize that this is a tremendous accomplishment. I hope I'm not jinxing our chances for cooler weather, but according to the forecast, there is hope in the very near future...

Source: The Weather Channel

I'll take 75-degree weather, even if it does mean there's a chance of a little rain. My flowers could use some rainwater anyway!
  • With fall in the air and on the brain, I am really anxious to start adding a few seasonal accents around the house. When the latest Pottery Barn catalogue arrived in the mail today, I almost couldn't contain my excitement. I'm not crazy for Halloween spiders and ghosts, but I do enjoy some pumpkins. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for fall decor so far... (some old, some new)
Original Source: Pottery Barn (Link no longer functional.)
Source: Ruche
Source: The Shabby Creek Cottage
Source: My Sweet Savannah
Source: Simply VintageGirl
Source: Raised in Cotton
Source: Tatertots and Jello
I'll be on the hunt for ideas to use at our house for a while, so if you have any suggestions, send them my way! Have a great day!