Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jellyfish Craft and Writing

Our class finished a recent study of jellyfish with this all-too-cute writing and craft activity. 
The students began their writing with a question prompt: How does a jellyfish move? We watched videos of jellyfish to observe the ways they moved through water. Then, we brainstormed our own list of words and phrases to describe the motions we saw. Those kids came up with some wonderful descriptions! They wrote their questions and answers in complete sentences on a small strip of tablet paper. 
For the craft, the students started with two shades of blue construction paper. They used the paper to create a tear-art ocean background for their jellyfish. Any remaining white spaces were filled in using a blue crayon.
We used a template to cut our jellyfish out of colorful, patterned scrapbook paper. We made the tentacles by cutting strips of paper streamers. The students attached these to the back of the jellyfish, and then they glued the jellyfish on top of their tear-art ocean.
Once finished, the students attached their writing to the bottom.
 How neat is that??? The students were so proud of their work, but honestly, I think I might have been as excited about the finished products as they were!