Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh, Monday.

Mondays are just hard, aren't they? It seems that weekends pass so quickly, and there you are, staring at Monday all over again. Tuesdays, I can handle. Wednesdays are sure to bring at least one reason to smile on "Hump Day," especially now that we have the notorious Geiko commercial to provide a little humor. By Thursday, things are looking up, and who lacks a reason to be happy on Friday? Weekends are surely good for the soul. Then, there are Mondays...

I find myself wondering this almost every Monday morning.
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I decided that I needed some motivation for my Monday mornings, so I'm capturing a few positive thoughts here. Maybe you will find some wise words to lift your spirits on this Monday as well.

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If nothing else, you can always count on this fact to brighten your Monday...
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Have an inspired Monday!