Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sight Words: Roll, Read, and Write!

One of my fellow first grade teachers brought this idea to me, along with a request for something that is catered to our weekly sight word lists. I have just finished the entire packet, and I am really excited about having it to use with our kids as a center option each week!

This product is designed to be a center activity for sight word practice. Ideally, it should be completed in partner groups. The only thing you need in addition to the packet materials are dice and pencils! The students take turns rolling their dice. They match the number they roll with the corresponding column on the reading sheet. Then, they read the list to their partner. The amount of words they read corresponds to the number they roll (just a little plug for number sense awareness there!)
As an extension, each list contains a corresponding writing page, where students will write the words they read as well. I think it's important to be consistent with the reading-writing connection, and this is just a small way to implement that link into this center activity.
This is a small preview of the items included in the packet:
In all, it contains sixteen word lists, and each word lists is made up of 11-12 words. Even if these words do not coincide precisely with your school's reading curriculum, they are fairly standard for first grade texts, so it could still be a beneficial resource for your classroom. I will say that we use Treasures at our school, and while our lists do contain words in addition to the curriculum, these word lists are designed to coincide with Treasures each week. 

However, I realize that it's helpful to be able to manipulate resources and make them your own, so I have also included a blank Roll-and-Read template within this file. You could customize this by either writing or cutting and pasting/taping (no shame in that!) your own word lists for your students. 
If you are interested in this product, it is now available in the Tally Tales TPT store! You may also access the item here: Sight Words: Roll, Read, and Write! (aligned to Treasures).