Monday, October 21, 2013

DIY: 12 Ways to Make a Burlap Bow, Part 2

Today, I will feature part 2 of my 12-week a 12-week do-it-yourself series that focuses on making burlap bows. I am joining the Creative Corner Hop blog link-up at Cherished Treasures, as are many talented do-it-yourselfers; be sure to hop on over and visit a few other creative projects there today!

Today's project will focus on this bow...
I began with these materials. As I described last week, you want to include some type sturdy, wired ribbon to use in your base and as a connecting ribbon to hold it all together. I am using the shame sheer, white ribbon today that I included in last week's tutorial.
 You will need a base for your bow. I planned to attach this bow to a wreath, so the wire loop served as my base. Weave the wired ribbon under the bottom of your base. (If you want a free-standing bow, then the wired ribbon itself will serve as a base, and you can just lay it flat on  the surface of your table/countertop.)
The base bow for this bow will be a fluffed, multi-loop bow. However, this begins with a technique similar to that of the shoe-string bow featured in last week's tutorial. Start with one fold over. Leave a "tail," and cinch the ribbon in the middle of the fold. 
Fold the ribbon back again the opposite way to create the loop on the opposite side. Again, cinch the bow in the middle, just behind the previous fold. 

After this, continue this pattern of folding and cinching to create several loops with your ribbon. It might take a bit of practice to get your hands accustomed to holding the bow in place while also folding it under to create a new loop. Don't get frustrated if it seems to fall apart at times. Sometimes, you have to find just the right technique for holding and twisting that works best for you. It might take a little practice, but once you get the "feel" for it, this will become much easier.

Create two-three loops on each side of the bow. Be careful to make each loop close to the same length so it has a nice, proportional look. Lay the bow on top of the base (or the original wired ribbon if you are making a free-standing bow).  Pull the wired ribbon around the sides and tie it tightly in the center.
Gently pull the loops away from each other to "fluff" the bow a bit. This is a basic multi-loop bow, and you can always stop here if you are satisfied at this point. I will take it a bit further to add a few accents. :)

I chose two different ribbon styles: red chevron burlap and red polka dot ribbon. Create several even folds with the ribbon, and then cut along the folds to make several strips that are close to the same length.
 Layer the strips of the first ribbon style in a criss-cross pattern. Cross the second style on top of those. 
 Then, cinch all of the strips in the middle.
Pull the wired ribbon around the sides and tie it tightly in the center. Again, you may want to gently spread the individual pieces of ribbon on each side so they look full and evenly-proportioned around the bow on both sides.
For a finishing touch, I added two small holiday ball ornaments to the center of the bow. 
Simply thread one wired ribbon tail through each ornament. Push the ornament close against the center of the bow.

Finish the ornament attachment by tying a simple shoestring bow, leaving the remainder of the wired ribbon hanging loosely.
Here are a few images of my full wreath, once the bow was finished.  

As always, if you follow my tutorial, please share pictures of your bow. I always love to see how other projects turn out. I hope this was helpful!