Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY: 12 Ways to Make a Burlap Bow, Part 3

Today, I will feature part 3 of a 12-week DIY series that focuses on making burlap bows. I am joining the Creative Corner Hop blog link-up at Cherished Treasures, as are many talented do-it-yourselfers; be sure to hop on over and visit a few other creative projects there today!

Today's project will focus on this bow...
In my very first tutorial for burlap bows, I mentioned that the techniques I include in each tutorial could easily be applied to gift wrapping as well. Today, I wanted to provide a specific example that caters to gift wrapping so you can see exactly how to use this for all of those wedding or holiday packages you will probably be wrapping soon, if you haven't already begun. 

I am using the materials shown in the image below. I will use the white burlap ribbon for both the bow as well as the base of the bow. 

I wanted to create a classy, vintage-wrapping design for this particular package. I started with the basic brown wrapping paper. Then, I added a paper doily to the top. The bow will actually be on top of the doily, but this adds a sweet, subtle accent to the wrapping design.
Bow-making with wrapping is very simple; choose one of the ribbon types in the bow to wrap around the package first. This will serve as the base for your bow. 
Secure it tightly in the middle with a double knot. Don't worry about the knot, your bow will cover it eventually.
Next, use two types of skinny ribbon. Tie a simple knot with both of those ribbons on both sides of your original base knot.
This will serve as the base for your bow. I wanted to add two strips of this brassy brown ribbon for just a touch of color under my bow. You do not have to use this step, but if you are using several lighter shades of ribbon, it is nice to add just a little color behind the bow to add a contrasting effect. If you do choose to include this step, simply cross those pieces over the knot and let it rest for a minute.
Now, on to making the bow itself!

The base bow for this bow will be a fluffed, multi-loop bow. However, this begins with a technique similar to that of the shoe-string bow featured in last week's tutorial. Start with one fold over. Leave a "tail," and cinch the ribbon in the middle of the fold. 
Fold the ribbon back again the opposite way to create the loop on the opposite side. Again, cinch the bow in the middle, just behind the previous fold. 
After this, continue this pattern of folding and cinching to create several loops with your ribbon. It might take a bit of practice to get your hands accustomed to holding the bow in place while also folding it under to create a new loop. Don't get frustrated if it seems to fall apart at times. Sometimes, you have to find just the right technique for holding and twisting that works best for you. It might take a little practice, but once you get the "feel" for it, this will become much easier.
Once you have created as many loops as you want, you are ready to attach the bow to the base. (I usually use 3-4 loops on each side for my bows. Any more than that, and the bow really becomes hard to control.)

Lay the bow on top of the base, and pull your skinny ribbons around both sides.

 Tie a double knot securely in the center.

 It's okay if your bow looks a little like this...
To "fluff" the bow, gently spread the loops on each side so the bow looks full and evenly proportioned.
 You can stop here if you are satisfied, but I always like to add one simple little accent somewhere on the top of my bow. For this one, I chose this tattered burlap ribbon.cut two strips, shorter than the length of your bow, and tie them into the center using one of your skinny ribbons.
Fluff your bow as much as you want to make the loops fuller. Also, you may trim the skinny ribbons if you prefer, but I like to leave some length on mine.

 Good luck, and happy wrapping! :)

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