Friday, October 18, 2013

Five For Friday!

Oh my goodness, this is been the fastest-longest-shortest week ever. I have been such a terrible blogger this week. Sorry about that, folks. I don't really know what happened to all the days between now and Monday, but I could write a very long list of all the things that have consumed my time. None of that would create an interesting blog post, though... In honor of Five for Friday (it has been way too long since I have linked up!), here are a few of the more uplifting and lighthearted moments from my week.

* Major room make-over. I ditched my desk! The carpet is now in front of the dry-erase board and Mimio, which has made carpet time way more productive. Here are a few pictures of the new layout.

* Sweet little fall accents have begun popping up around our house lately. I am loving it a little.

* We carved pumpkins earlier this week. My husband really outdid me with his pumpkin design. Mario is a bit more impressive than my little ordinary pumpkin. Oh well.

*These pallets just mysteriously appeared beside our house yesterday. Apparently, I've developed a bit of a reputation as a pallet-lover, since people are now just donating to my obsession. I'm not ashamed; I was so excited to discover these! Now, I just need to figure out which member of the family to thank... ;)

*The hubby has been out of town for work this week. Fridays are usually the highlight of my week for a number of reasons, but they're even more special when he's traveling. This sweet note on the fridge has helped me stay hopeful this week. I'm a lucky girl.

Happy Friday, everyone!!!