Thursday, October 10, 2013

Here's a Pointer for You...

My young readers are obsessed with pointers. I think they purchased more finger-pointers at our last book fair than actual books. It's no surprise that they love using these simple, homemade pointers during our small group reading sessions.

Again, I cannot take credit for this idea; one of my fellow first-grade teachers mentioned her frequent use of "I Spy with My Wiggly Eye" as a word-watch strategy during her reading groups. I made my own set for my readers to use, and so far, these easy-to-make pointers have been a major hit!

To make these you need popsicle sticks, wiggly eyes, and hot glue.

Simply apply the hot glue to the tip of a popsicle stick, and then attach one wiggly eye. How easy is that???

I used a few large-sized wiggly eyes. I thought it would be fun to pull those out when I want my readers to watch really closely for particularly challenging words or when we are working on a more intense skill at some point. 
These little, happy details make all the difference in a child's early reading experiences, don't they?

Happy reading to you and yours!

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