Monday, November 18, 2013

DIY: 12 Ways to Make a Burlap Bow, Part 6

Today, I will feature part 6 of a 12-week DIY series that focuses on making burlap bows. As usual, I am joining the Creative Corner Hop blog link-up at Cherished Treasures, as are many talented do-it-yourselfers; be sure to hop on over and visit a few other creative projects there today!

Today's project will focus on this bow…
I know; at first glance, you are thinking "That is not a burlap bow…" and you are completely correct. However, while burlap is all the rage these days, and it seems as though you see it everywhere, it is not necessarily the most affordable option for frequent use -especially when you are considering using it for Christmas wrapping projects. Considering this, I wanted to insert a little tutorial to show you one way to use a touch of burlap as an accent in a bow. You still get the much-loved-burlap effect, but you won't go broke wrapping all of your Christmas gifts with burlap bows. 

I am using these items today
First, I wrapped the gift with standard gift-wrapping techniques. Then, I used a cloth, printed ribbon to tie around the outside of the gift. Tie the knot securely, since this ribbon will provide the base for your bow. Like last week's tutorial, this particular ribbon is not a wired-edge ribbon. If you are making a free-standing bow, or if you are not incredibly comfortable making your own bows at this point, I recommend using a wired-edge ribbon for your base; that type is just a bit more manageable.
 Use a skinny curling ribbon to tie a small, secure knot just beside the knot in your fabric-ribbon base.
Begin making your bow with the ribbon of your choice. This bow will be created around a basic shoe-string bow design. Start with one fold over. Leave a "tail," and cinch the ribbon in the middle.
Fold back again the opposite way to create the loop on the opposite side. Again, cinch the bow in the middle, just behind the previous fold. 
Continue this pattern of folding and cinching to create several loops with your ribbon. As I have previously explained, it might take a bit of practice to get your hands accustomed to holding the bow in place while also folding it under to create a new loop. Don't get frustrated if it seems to fall apart at times. Sometimes, you have to find just the right technique for holding and twisting that works best for you. It might take a little practice, but once you get the "feel" for it, this will become much easier.
Once you have created as many loops as you want, you are ready to attach the bow to the base. (I usually use 3-4 loops on each side for my bows. Any more than that, and the bow really becomes hard to control.)

Before attaching the bow to the base, lay strip of burlap ribbon across the top of your base ribbon and knots. I chose this pretty green chevron ribbon, but you could easily use plain burlap if you prefer. You may want to have this piece pre-cut and positioned before you make the bow to make it easier on you; this step can really be inserted at any point in the process.
 Lay the bow on top of the base, and pull the white curling ribbon around both sides. Tie a knot securely at the middle of the bow, where you have cinched the ribbon in the middle to create each loop.  The neat thing about curling ribbon is that the bow fluffs easily around it, completely hiding the center knots of the bow. This works well if you are using a more delicate ribbon to create your bow. Burlap bows generally require a bit stronger ribbon to hold them securely. Again, here you aren't using burlap to create the bow itself, so curling ribbon works well!
That's all for this one! As you can see, the burlap ribbon provides a nice accent, peeking out beneath the bow. It is not the focal point of the bow, but it does create an extra "pop" of pattern and color beneath the bow itself. I think it adds a festive touch to the gift wrap, without adding a lot of financial expense to the process. You could easily use only one roll of burlap ribbon to accent all of your Christmas gifts in wrapping this way!

Happy wrapping! :)