Monday, November 25, 2013

DIY: 12 Ways to Make a Burlap Bow, Part 7

Today, I will feature part 7 of a 12-week DIY series that focuses on making burlap bows. As usual, I am joining the Creative Corner Hop blog link-up at Cherished Treasures, as are many talented do-it-yourselfers; be sure to hop on over and visit a few other creative projects there today!

Today's project will focus on this bow…
First, I wrapped the gift with standard gift-wrapping techniques. Then, I used a cloth, printed ribbon to tie around the outside of the gift. Tie the knot securely, since this ribbon will provide the base for your bow. 
 Use a sheer wire-edged ribbon to tie a small, secure knot just beside the knot in your fabric-ribbon base.

Layer a patterned fabric ribbon over a standard burlap ribbon. I chose to use white burlap ribbon along with the patterned ribbon you see below. Lay the smaller ribbon on top of the wider one.

Start with one fold over. Leave a "tail," and cinch the ribbon in the middle.
Fold back again the opposite way to create the loop on the opposite side. Again, cinch the bow in the middle, just behind the previous fold. 
Continue this pattern to create two loops on both sides. Lay the bow on top of the base, and pull the sheer wired ribbon around both sides. Tie a knot securely at the middle of the bow, where you have cinched the ribbon in the middle to create each loop. 
Trim the "tails" to match the length of each loop, and fluff the bow to create the look you want. That's all! Here are a few shots of my finished product...

 Happy wrapping! :)