Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY: Rustic Photo Display

And today's project is…
If you follow The Tally Tales, you know that I have been working on this shelf-mantel project in my living room for some time now. Here's a recent image to refresh your memory…
After finishing the shelf itself, I started focusing on decorating ideas. I really wanted a unique centerpiece as a photo display. I was thinking… rustic wooden frame + chicken wire + polaroid pictures. 

You can follow my DIY process in the steps below!

Select wooden pieces. Measure to fit the space. Cut boards according to measurements.

Sand all sides until smooth.
 Attach securely at corners.
Apply base coat of paint. (Note: I used chalk paint in order to create the distressed finished that will follow.)
 Apply dark brown wax sealer to add a distressed appearance to the frame.
 Lay frame on chicken wire and cut around the edges for an easy measurement.
 Attach chicken wire to the back of the frame along the edges.
 All done!
 Now, to display the finished product...

 Finish it off with clothespins and a few pictures.

 And the mantel shelf is all finished!!!