Friday, November 15, 2013

Five for Friday: November 15, 2013

This week has been a bit much. On top of typical unpredictability, I have had that nasty chest-and-head congestion/cold stuff that isn't supposed to be contagious, but everyone seems to have at once. I've listened to my students deal with hacking coughs for a while now, and this week, I joined the ranks. Yay. Nevertheless, it has been a good week overall, and the cough is getting better. 

Oh, and it's Friday. Let's all give that the credit it's due. 

Now for my five...

Fuzzy head + Stuffy nose + achy throat + burning chest = much needed home remedies.

This one is from a little bit of pajama and tv time early in the week. Braxton always picks a spot right between Russ and me. Once he gets cozy, he's ready to snooze!

After much deliberation and hesitation, I swallowed my fear and colored my own hair. *Gulp.* I know, I know; it could have been disastrous. But it wasn't (thank goodness). A friend recommended this Loreal product she has used recently, and I took a leap of faith based on her good experience. I just couldn't look at the mismatched old highlights peeking through in my hair any longer. I'm completely relieved and delighted to report positive results in color, health, shine, and texture of my hair after using this product!

We are planning a winter vacation for the very near future. Destination? Pigeon Forge! We purchased our Dollywood tickets this week. So. Excited.

Remember that shelf/mantle project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago?? We finally finished installing it! I helped. I mean, I really helped. Russ held the shelf up, and I used a drill to install the braces underneath. I know, I know; I was amazed too. What's even more incredible is the fact that the shelf is still attached to the wall! I'm hoping to work on some seasonal decorations for it this weekend. :)
Happy, Happy Friday, everyone! :)