Friday, November 8, 2013

Leaves, Leaves, Leaves!

I have to apologize; my "five" today are all about the same things, pretty much. We have been busy this week, and I've been taking tons of pictures. Unfortunately, when I looked through all of them to pick my "five," all I could find were leaf-related images. I apologize for my dull link-up today; I'll try to have a more interesting week next week… ;)

My class has been very focused on leaf exploration this week. We have studied leaves as they change, why they change, how they change… you get the picture. To prepare, last Friday I asked my students  to find and gather just a few pretty leaves over the weekend. So, on Monday morning, my request for a few looked more like this…
They certainly did gather some pretty colors! Naturally, one of their centers this week focused on leaves. First, they chose their favorite leaves to create rub-art leaves. We used newspaper, which seems strange, I know. I saw the idea on Pinterest, and it worked much better since newspaper is thinner than standard white paper. It picked up the patterns in the leaves, and it added a neat artsy-effect to the leaves they created. 
Here are a few shots of their leaves.

Then they created wreaths with their rub-art leaves.
In another activity, they chose their favorite leaf from our collection. Each student studied his/her leaf closely and created an illustration of it, listed words that described the leaf, and then wrote at least one descriptive sentence about the leaf.

I made all of my own materials for this center. These pages, as well as other leaf-related activities, are available in my new TPT product, Leaves, Leaves, Leaves. Here's a little preview of the packet:

I know I'm a little late with all of the leaf-love; most of you are probably moving beyond autumn-themed units in your classrooms at this point. However, this has been a work in progress for me as I completed this study with my students, so better late than never, I suppose! :)

Oh, and Happy Friday, everyone!!!