Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday WOW!

I am linking up with sweet friends over at Curious Firsties today for a Wednesday WOW post. Their link party simply calls you to recognize a WOW moment in your personal or professional life. One moment in the week that begs you to take time to stop, see it, and stand in awe, if only for a minute.
As you know, over the weekend, we did a bit of traveling. We drove along the Natchez Trace for a while, and I was amazed at the color speckling the trees along the way. I am not a huge nature-fanatic, but I know how to appreciate the land for what it is, especially this time of year, when the beauty of change is evident in the trees. 

I kept seeing this same type of tree that was the most beautiful shade of red. I made several comments about it, and at one point, I actually told Russ, I would love to have a few of those around our house.

We moved along, enjoying the ride and the view. When we finally returned home, imagine my astonishment to find several of those beautiful reds right there, beside our house.

I snapped several pictures, but you know how pictures are; they always fall short of the wonder of actually being in the moment...

Standing there, staring at a little gift I never expected in my own back yard, I felt immensely blessed.

Sometimes, especially times like this, I really wonder if maybe God made autumn just for me. Even if not the whole season, these little blazing pieces are gifts enough.

There you have it: My WOW moment. Happy Wednesday, everyone.