Thursday, December 5, 2013

DIY: Simple Christmas Napkin Rings

I got a little carried away with Christmas decorations this year. Once I started, I just couldn't stop. Until, of course, I realized that I did not have any festive napkin rings for table place settings. I needed napkin rings, you know. But at 9:00 PM, I couldn't exactly make a Hobby Lobby run. I decided to attempt a little improvisation, and the outcome was surprisingly perfect for my little table. If you are in needed of a simple touch of color on your table place settings this year, you might appreciate this little tutorial!

This tutorial describes the process for making the berry napkin ring featured in this picture:
I previously purchased some of these holly-berry branches (at Hobby Lobby, of course), and I intended to use all of them on my tree. They worked perfectly for this little craft, though, so it was worth sparing a couple of them to use on my table. This is literally the only thing you need to make these napkin rings! You'll also use a pair of scissors, but as far as materials are concerned, you need one stem for every napkin ring you want to make.
 Begin to curl the stem around at the base of the berries.
Continue to wrap the stem around. As you bend it, twist the individual berry twigs back around the main stem. They are already wrapped around a wire base, so they are easy to manipulate.
 Continue bending the stem and wrapping the berries around until you make a complete circle.
 Cut the main stem a couple of inches below the circle.
Wrap the remaining excess stem back around the circle to complete the ring.
That's all! Here are a few pictures of my napkin rings on the table place settings.