Saturday, December 14, 2013

Press Feature: "DIY Decorating Addict"

I am beyond excited to share a bit of good new with you. The Tally Tales has been featured in the just-released Christmas edition of a lovely new magazine called DIY Decorating Addict, available exclusively on the Apple Newsstand! 
This magazine  is full of creative DIY holiday ideas, and I am so honored to be featured within this collection. If you have been following The Tally Tales for a while now, you may recall one of my original DIY projects: "DIY Burlap Wreath Step-by-Step Tutorial." Not only has this little tutorial grown to become one of my most-visited articles, but it also caught the attention of Dianne Corriere, creator and publisher of DIY Decorating Addict. When she contacted me with a request to reprint my article in her magazine, I was completely shocked. Yet, here it is, a  little preview of our own tutorial, printed in this Christmas Issue...

As previously stated, this magazine is available only through the Apple Newsstand. If you are familiar with the newsstand, I highly recommend that you subscribe to DIY Decorating Addict and take advantage of the opportunity to snag this free holiday issue. There is no direct link that will take you to the magazine issues on a web page. I only have a link for the "DIY Decorating Addict" App. This link is for the Apple Itunes Store on a web page: If you have your iTunes account synced with your iPad/iPhone you can download the App for free from the iTunes store.  The issues of the magazine are inside this App and can only be viewed there. As previously stated, this December Christmas issue is free for anyone to download! 
If, however, you are not familiar with Apple Newsstand and would appreciate a little guidance, the following instructions are for you!

Note: These instructions assume that you have IOS 7.0.2 or later on your iPad/iPhone.  If you don't have IOS 7.0.2 or later on your iPad/iPhone, you may need to update it. 

If you have not downloaded the "DIY Decorating Addict" App from the iTunes Store as described above, go to your main iPad/iPhone screen, click the "Newsstand" icon, and then click the "Store" button on the bottom right. Click the "Search" box on the upper right and enter "diy decorating addict"- without the quotes.  The magazine App "DIY Decorating Addict" should appear.  Click it to download the App.  Don't worry about charges; the "DIY Decorating Addict" App is free!

If you have downloaded the "DIY Decorating Addict" App from the iTunes Store, click on the Newsstand icon on your main iPad/iPhone screen, and find the App. Inside the App, you will see the current free December Christmas issue.  The other issues are available for purchase.

Click the "Download" button. When downloaded, click the "View" button, and the magazine can be viewed.  Swipe horizontally from right to left on the screen to get to the page that shows "How to use this app?" This will explain how to navigate through the entire magazine.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be featured here, and I hope you will take a minute to venture through this lovely journal of do-it-yourself projects and creativity!