Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DIY: Chalkboard Label Jar

I see chalkboard jars everywhere, and I think they're precious. During a recent visit to Hobby Lobby, I noticed all glass jars were 50% off. With that in mind, I realized I could make my own customized jar cheaper than I could purchase one.

These are the materials I used. I had the jute twine and fabric at home, so the only things I actually purchased were the jar (at 50% off) and the chalkboard labels. These are self-stick, adhesive labels… it doesn't get much easier than that, ladies. :)

Lay the top of the jar on the back side of the fabric, and trace around the edge.

Cut around the circle, leaving approximately an inch of space between your cut and the traced line.

Lay the lid back down on the fabric, right within the traced line. Fold the excess material in half.
 Apply hot glue along the folded portion.
Fold the fabric up against the lid to immediately attach it along the edge. You should leave just a little space between the fabric and the edge of the lid, as seen below.
Work your way around the lid, continuing this method of folding, gluing, attaching the fabric.
When you are finished, the entire lid will be covered neatly with fabric.
Measure an appropriate length of twine to wrap around the lid and still have enough excess remaining to tie a little bow.
Apply a thin streak of hot glue to the lid in the small space between the edge of the lid and the fabric. Then attach jute twine immediately to the lid, covering the hot glue and filling the empty space along the edge of the lid.
When you make it all the way around the lid, tie a sweet little bow, and secure the center of the bow with a small drop of hot glue.

 That's all for the lid!
If you are fortunate enough to snag these self-adhesive chalkboard labels, you only have to peel the label off and place it where you want it on the jar.

I am currently in the process of rearranging and organizing our laundry room. This little jar is now going to hold dryer sheets.

 Naturally, my husband thinks I'm slightly crazy over these little projects…"What was wrong with just using the box the dryer sheets come in?" 

Then, what would I put in my jar??? Pure logic, right? ;)

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