Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY: Rustic Wooden Lettered Sign

In my recent chalkboard label jar tutorial, I mentioned that I am gradually working on our laundry room. This tutorial describes the steps I took to make this "laundry" sign to sit on top of our cabinet…

Start with a stained wooden board. 
Use a hand-held sander to distress the edges of the board.
Select stencil letters in the appropriate style and size for your project. I purchased this entire pack of reusable stencils at Hobby Lobby.
Use a tape measure to arrange each letter in a straight alignment along the board. This is probably the hardest part of this project because it is a bit tedious.
Use painter's tape to secure each letter according to the correct alignment. I measured and taped as I went.

With your letters secure in each position, you are ready to begin painting. I used this clay chalk paint for my letters. If you follow my blog, you have already seen me use this paint for several projects. I love it. I know most people would assume you would use a roller brush to do this paint job. I started with that, but it really didn't leave the smooth surface I wanted for these letters. That may have been due to the type of paint I used; I'm not sure. Either way, the sponge brush worked best for me here.
Once you have painted each letter, allow time for the paint to dry thoroughly.
When the paint has completely dried, carefully remove the stencils.
Again, if you follow my blog, you have already seen me use this wax in combination with the chalk paint for multiple projects.
Simply use an old cloth and dip it into the wax. Then, begin working the wax over the paint to create the desired appearance for each letter.

Allow time for the wax to dry completely. If you are using the same kind as I used, this should take long at all. Mine was dry in 10-15 minutes.
Finished product...

Here, you can see my sign in its new spot in our laundry room. I'm saving before-and-after pictures of the full room until I've completely finished, but you will see another project (maybe two) along the way! :)