Friday, January 24, 2014

Five for Friday January 24, 2014

A few snippets from this week…

  • Focus on Chinese New Year: "The Year of the Horse" lantern crafts
  • Phonics Study: Long e tree maps and four-door foldables with cut-and-paste magazine letter words

  • Focus on Martin Luther King, Jr. and reflective writing

  • Guided Reading Poster Project: Main Idea and Supporting Details
This was one of those last-minute ideas that emerged from our small group discussions, so it isn't extremely elaborate in design and appearance. Forgive my quick marker-sketched thinking map. As far as the students' work is concerned, I was so pleased with this group's organization of ideas on the thinking map. They were so proud to share their work with the class!

  • This is a weird "five" to include, I suppose, but one of my favorite snapshots from this week is this latest screenshot here. The Tally Tales has changed a bit lately, and I'm just loving the little "tweaks" we have made along the way. I hope you are pleased with the view! :)

Happy Friday, everyone!