Friday, January 31, 2014

Five for Friday: January 31, 2014

I just love Fridays, don't you?  ;)
  • Thematic Center: Farm to Table 
We have been having a good week this week! We've been rather busy with a "Farm to Table" unit. This activity is my favorite…

I originally came across this idea at Mrs. Saylor's Log, and she provided a wonderful resource for the activity!

First, we read the Gail Gibbons book Milk Makers. If you want to make this text really come to life for your kiddos, you can watch a video of the Reading Rainbow version here.

After that, we used the resource provided at Mrs. Saylor's Log, and the students sequenced the events for processing and distributing milk. The students used this sequence of events to create a cow-themed flip book!

It turned out to be such an interesting, thorough depiction of this particular farm-to-table concept.
  • Math: Adding Double Digits
It has certainly been interesting kicking this topic off this week. In all honesty, I think the introduction provided in our curriculum really did more to confuse my kiddos than anything else. So for yesterday's lesson, we pulled out these faithful little number cubes and worked with partners to build two-digit numbers and add. Practice makes perfect, right???

  • Read-and-Roll Question Cubes
If you don't have question cubes to use with your reading groups, I highly recommend finding a set to use. I found this particular set at a local teacher supply store; they are the soft, "squishy" kind, so the kids are a little amazed just by the way they feel. Actually, they love using these things. They just don't realize how much it helps them to consistently practice reading and answering these questions in response to their texts. We use them almost daily.

If you want an easy option for question cubes, you can visit The Tally Tales TPT store for my version; I created printable question cubes that I could send home with children or set aside for specific tasks within the classroom. Each of the question cubes available in my product are designated to use at different points throughout reading. The questions on each cubes are appropriate for before, during, or after reading, so you can use the cube you need at each point of reading! Check out my Reading Response Question Cubes here
  • Cozy Reading
It has been cold, cold, cold this week. However, before the chill set in, I managed to snag a few minutes of front-porch reading, curled up under a blanket with a warm drink. How's this for cozy?!?

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Happy Friday, everyone!