Wednesday, January 8, 2014

On the Menu: Bok Choy & Sweet Corn Side Dish

This side dish revolves around one main ingredient: bok choy, also known as chinese cabbage. For the longest, I encountered so much information about the benefits of including bok choy in a regular diet plan. If you watch The Dr. Oz Show, you might recall that bok choy was even included among his "5 Foods that Starve Cancer" because it contains brassinin, a cancer-fighting agent. Dr. Oz also credits bok choy as a folate-rich food, which helps ward off depression. 

Additionally, bok choy is also known to be high in Vitamins A and C. So including it in your diet throughout the week is highly beneficial for a variety of reasons.  However, knowing this is one thing… but how, exactly do you prepare and cook this stuff??                                                                             
It's easy to find recipes that include bok choy; it is difficult however, to find easy recipes that include bok choy. I'm not interested in cooking an intense meal each night; I need something simple, but tasty and efficient. I may be complicating things a bit. Other readers may know of a thousand simple ways to prepare bok choy, and I may be revealing my own ignorance with this point. 

Either way, I wanted to find something that would work for me. So I started experimenting with things I had in my cabinets and refrigerator. This is what I came up with...

Bok Choy (cleaned and chopped)
Coconut oil (1 tbsp)
Golden Sweet Corn (1 package)
Prepare one batch of bok choy by washing each piece (stalk and leaf) individually. Dry thoroughly, and chop all parts into relatively small chunks. You can eat the stalk as well as the leaf, so make sure you don't throw away any parts!

Prepare the corn as directed on the package label. Typically, this requires that you place the frozen vegetables in 3/4 cup of boiling water. Cover and simmer for approximately 5 minutes. Then, drain the water and set the corn aside.

Measure one tablespoon of coconut oil, and place it in a pan over medium heat. 
Once the coconut oil is completely melted in the pan, add in 2-3 cups of bok choy, depending on the number of servings you need. I typically use no less than three cups. Saute the bok choy for approximately 2 minutes. You want the stalks to be tender enough to cut with a fork, but still crisp around the edges.
Once the bok choy is finished, add in the corn, and stir the mixture thoroughly.
It takes less than 10 minutes to prepare this tasty, but oh-so-healthy side item! If you want a little variety, try adding other vegetables, such as chick peas, to the mixture instead of corn.
If you have any tasty recipes or tips for cooking with bok choy, please feel free to send them my way! I am always looking for new ideas. :)