Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The 100th Day of School!

I had so much fun preparing for our 100th day of school in first grade this year. I planned for various centers, each of which included a task that focused on using -or making- 100 of something. This is an overview of a few of our activities for the day. I have compiled all of the materials I made into a new TPT product: The 100th Day of School.
  • 100's necklace with fruit loops
The students thread fruit loops onto a string of yarn. As they create the necklace, they mark each group of ten with a label. Then, when they are finished they have a student-created manipulative to use as they practice counting by 10's to 100!
  • 100th Day Scavenger Hunt
As the name implies, this activity involves a scavenger hunt. The students have a checklist of items, and they have to find ten of each item on the list. By the time they finish the search, they will have found 100 things at school.
  • 100th Day Snack
This sweet little treat was perfect for our 100th day. I know there are a lot of versions out there, including healthy alternatives such as using a baby carrot with cucumber slices. I made my snacks a couple of days in advance, so I went with easy options here! You could easily make this one your own, though. I simply stapled the tag onto the front of the snack bag, and viola! Done!

  • Finger-print Gumball Machine
You guessed it: these sweet little gum ball machines contain 100 finger-print gum balls! The kiddos loved this one. 
  • 100th Day Photo Booth
Oh, yes we did! The students made their own "100th Day Glasses" (available for free through Scholastic) and wore those, along with the necklace for a little photo-booth snapshot! How adorable is this…?!?
They were having way too much fun here! I had to get in on the photo booth action for just a minute as well.

Can you tell that we had a great day??? These activities, along with a few others, are included in my new TPT product: The 100th Day of School! You can access it here if you are interested in using any of these materials for your own 100th day.