Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY: Burlap Flowers

Today's DIY project will feature the following item…
I know there are a million fabulous tutorials out there for burlap flowers (I did the Pinterest search), but I wanted a really simple technique that would produce a casual-but-classy flower product. I know rosettes are a particular favorite, but they aren't necessarily my style. I found inspiration for the method I am using today at Engaged, Now What?, and this has been the perfect technique for me.

I started with a basic roll of burlap ribbon. I cut a strip of random length. Seriously, no measuring here… this tutorial is easy. For those of you who prefer to use measurements, my strip was close to 1 1/2 feet in length. I wanted a larger size flower. If you want a smaller one, you might not want to use that much length.

Apply a thin strip of hot glue along the edge of one end of the strip.

Fold the glued end over approximately 1/2 inch. This is a great little technique for helping secure the threads so they don't slip or pull out as you work!
Insert scissors approximately one inch inside the non-glued end. Use the scissors to pull one thread loose from the ribbon. I did not cut this thread.
As you can see below, this will give you a nice, single thread with which you will work to create the flower.
Slowly begin to pull the loose thread, allowing the rest of the fabric to bunch together. Make sure you do this slowly and steadily; too much force may break the thread.
Continue pulling the thread until you cannot pull it any longer. You will see the flower start to take shape. Simply wrap the thread around the middle of the flower, and tie it to itself. This will secure the shape of the flower, but you can always add a dab of hot glue in the center if you need a little extra stability with the shape.

How easy is that?!?
If you follow The Tally Tales regularly, you may remember my earlier tutorial for a Rustic Fall Vase. If so, then these items will look familiar to you. I have converted those vases into interior decor items, and this little burlap flower has made the perfect embellishment for one vase.

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