Sunday, February 2, 2014

Home Decorating: Sweet Details in a Small Space

I absolutely love to see glimpses of other people's homes on blogs. Obviously, it's the next best thing to actually visiting them. What I love most are personal touches that really shine through the home decor trends, revealing the lives that flourish there. 

It would be difficult to ensure that every item within a house holds personal significance. Sometimes you just like the way accessories look; they don't have to hold emotional relevance. 

Yet, there are those small details, those snippets of life, that make certain spaces favorites for those who live there. Those spaces are what my eyes seek when I visit homes, either physically or virtually.

Today, I am sharing one small-but-sweet space in our home that I shaped with sweet details from our lives. I love the layout and the appearance, but I also love the personal value of some of these items. Please enjoy this little visit into a small corner of our home. 

A few different angles...

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