Monday, February 17, 2014

The Secret to Making a FLUFFY Burlap Wreath

This may be my favorite tutorial yet. You know wreaths are very dear to my DIY heart. I love helping others create their own wreaths, and I am so honored that my previous tutorials have been helpful to some of you. However, I have noticed a recurring question among fellow wreath-makers… "How do you make the burlap wreath look so fluffy?"

After recently helping a friend make a wreath, I noticed something that I think may be a common problem for many people. Today, I'm here to share a trick that just may solve any of your frustrations with this seemingly-simple process! After this tutorial, I can sincerely hope that it really will be that simple for everyone to do this!

I have previously posted a wreath-making tutorial, so this tutorial is focusing on one particular step of the process, which I have noticed is often missing from tutorials - my own included. However, if you really want that "fluffy" look, this step is quite necessary.

I am using the following materials to create the wreath. This burlap is not the wire-edged ribbon, and it is approximately 5 1/2 inches wide. I will use the plain burlap to create the wreath; the chevron ribbon will be used to make a bow embellishment.
 I always begin a wreath by pulling the burlap through one of the center spaces on the wire frame. You create the wreath by weaving the burlap back and forth through the spaces.
However, this is the tip you need to know…
After you pull the burlap through the space, cinch the material together on the back side of the wreath...
 and twist the burlap once before inserting it back into the next space to pull through.
After that little twist, you will notice that the burlap naturally stands, creating fluffier loops. Personally, I have also noticed that this extra detail in the technique creates a much sturdier wreath, without the use of hot glue or another type of adhesive. 
Continue weaving the burlap, twisting the ribbon once on the back each time you pull it through. The front of your wreath will begin to look like this...
and the back of your wreath will look like this...
Isn't that neat?

Best of all... that's it. That's the big secret to making a fluffy burlap wreath. No extensive materials needed; just one little "twist" on your technique. 

This is what my finished wreath looked like with only the burlap.

 To finish it off, I made this sweet bow and attached it to the top of the wreath.

 I may be a little partial, but I think it looks beautiful on my front door… ;)

So, how do you feel about wreath-making now? Will this little tip be helpful for you? I certainly hope so! Good luck! :)

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