Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Burlap + Lace = Spring Perfection

As far as wreath-making is concerned, I may have found a new obsession for spring: Lace.

Check out this latest design, created for an upcoming spring wedding. The bride selected various ribbons to coordinate with her wedding colors. Then, since it is a wedding wreath, we decided to use just a little lace to add a dainty touch to the wreath.

The minute I tied the lace trim ribbon into that bow, I decided that there would be much, much more to come with lace accents for me this year.

Wedding wreath, or not… I would so hang that on a front door as well. What do you think? Have you used lace in any of your latest projects? 

*** P.S. The Tally Tales will share a HUGE post this Friday with plenty of goodies, including a giveaway and information about an upcoming blog hop party. Make sure you stop by; I am fairly certain you will be glad to visit that day! ;)