Monday, March 17, 2014

DIY: Personalized Vintage Window Pane

This is, by far, my favorite DIY item in our home at the moment. This window pane, which was once a feature in my grandparents' home, has now been transformed into a beautiful, personalized vintage treasure in our home. I love the appearance, but I also love the sentimentality of this piece. Items like this make a house a home. Cheesy, I know. ;)
The window pane was originally pretty dusty and dirty...
but it cleaned up nicely with just a little TLC. :)
I found these letters at Hobby Lobby. I spent just a minute practicing the layout, just to make sure they would all fit within the middle of the window.
 Then I used this beautiful red mahogany stain to add a nice touch of rich color.
 After the stain dried, I used hot glue to attach each letter to a strip of burlap ribbon.
This was my final arrangement on the burlap. Only the middle letter was fully attached to the burlap; the side letters are only attached along the edge of the ribbon. These letters are not heavy, though, so securing them along one side is sufficient.
To attach the burlap ribbon to the frame, I doubled the fold along the back and used a staple gun to secure it at three points along the fold. 
Then I nailed the hanging clamp on top of the burlap strip in the center.
This, my friends, is the finished product!
 It now hangs on the wall above our piano, and I absolutely adore this new, old treasure in our home.
 What do you think?